Orlando Apartment Advice

Love golf? Apartments in Oviedo and Winter Springs offers access to some great courses.

My wife and I love to play golf. We want an apartment in Orlando that would give us access to lots of different courses, what would you recommend?

Apartments in Orlando are located near some of the best golf courses in Orlando. For a variety of different golf courses within a short distance to your apartment we would suggest an apartment in Oviedo or Winter Springs. An Oviedo and Winter Springs apartment would situate you near Twin Rivers Golf Club, Winter Springs Golf Club, and the Tuscawilla Golf Course. If these courses are not enough you will also find additional golf courses in the nearby Winter Park neighborhood. We can’t think of another Orlando apartment neighborhood that would give you such close access to so many different golf courses. There are many other great reasons to look into an apartment in Oviedo and Winter Springs, see what they are on our Neighborhood Guide page.