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My wife and I are looking for an apartment in a developing community that is still growing. Are there any apartment neighborhoods in Orlando that are not overdeveloped?

The majority of development in Orlando has seemed to move north from downtown Orlando. This has created many great apartment locations south of downtown Orlando that have not reached the level of development seen in many of the northern Orlando apartment communities. One apartment neighborhood in particular we recommend looking at is Hunters Creek. Apartments and homes in Hunters Creek really started in earnest in the 1980s. Hunters Creek apartment expansion has not happened as rapidly as in other areas so these neighborhood apartments are growing and developing. Hunters Creek apartments have great access to outdoor recreation and community centers creating an environment ideal for families or young professionals. Apartments in Hunters Creek are about 30 minutes from downtown Orlando so if you plan to make frequent trips in downtown Orlando then this neighborhood may not be the best choice. But if you only plan to make occasional trips into Downtown Orlando then this community is definitely worth checking out. Find out more at Hunters Creek apartments and other Orlando apartment neighborhoods on our Neighborhood Guide page.