Orlando Apartment Advice

Can you still find apartments close to downtown Orlando that give you a little peace and quiet? You bet, check out apartments in Apopka.

I like having an apartment in Orlando but I am looking for an apartment in a quieter neighborhood that is still close to Orlando. What can you recommend?

Apartments in Orlando can be found in quite diverse areas that cater to different folks, which is great for you. Apartments in Apopka, FL may provide the peace and quiet you are looking for while still remaining close to Orlando. If you are not familiar with Apopka, FL, it is located about 12 miles northwest of Orlando, Florida. Because of the open space and slower pace most Apopka apartments are set up for families and those who enjoy a calm and laid-back lifestyle. Pet-friendly apartments abound in Apopka and there are plenty of parks and recreational sites nearby. Apopka apartments are also near many sites of historical significance. Find out more about Apopka apartments and other Orlando apartment neighborhoods on our Neighborhood Guide page.